Regent Business School Unveils ILEADLAB

Durban, South Africa, November 30th, 2018

Honoris United Universities announces the opening of iLeadLAB – a specialist ‘Employability Unit’ within its member institution, REGENT Business School, one of the leading providers of business and management education in South Africa.

The new unit has been developed in response to the accelerated pace of technological transformation and global labour market disruption. With a focus on developing individuals with strong inter-and-intra personal skills, iLeadLAB empowers participants with the core competencies needed to build a dynamic career in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Commenting, CEO of Honoris United Universities, Luis Lopez, said, “Nurturing the talents of our students and alumni is central to empowering the next African generations of local, regional and international leaders. We believe in creating strong learning environments that include a pragmatic focus on core employability competencies – this is how we intend to create a rich academic experience and prepare graduates for life in the fast-paced, highly interconnected business world of today and tomorrow.”

Speaking at its launch, iLeadLAB’s creator and the Managing Director of REGENT Business School, Dr. Ahmed Shaikh commented that, “Global businesses require dynamic, qualified individuals who are in sync with the demands of a rapidly-changing digital workforce. iLeadLAB helps students be innovators and entrepreneurs to be reckoned with – the next generation of natural leaders in the business world.”

iLeadLAB places emphasis on preparedness for the digital workspace, with the aim of helping students become fast-learning and flexible professionals with technological capabilities that are in high demand within the corporate world. Dr. Shaikh added, “With businesses around the world using ever-more sophisticated digital technologies such as AI, the pressure is on for employees to be equipped with the ability to adapt – and adapt quickly. iLeadLAB, as Honoris’ pioneering Employability Centre within REGENT Business School, plugs into this demand.”

As part of the opening process, a group of REGENT Business School students were selected for a 10-day boot camp at the iLeadLAB, where they learned how to develop critical and creative thinking abilities to thrive in dynamic world markets. The students were exposed to a wide variety of skills and experiences that included hands-on training in the art of successful communication, information and digital literacy, global citizenship, use of art and creativity for problem-solving, exposure to 3D printing as well as a range of technology relevant to Industry 4.0.